Depending on the specificity of the service you have chosen, at this step you will have to choose the payment method, from one of the options available, according to the case:

Payment in cash made by the sender at the collection of the consignment, in the currency of the country where the consignment is being picked-up from, more exactly GBP or RON, depending on the case.

Or RETURN – is the payment made in cash on delivery, when the receiver receives the consignment at his/her address. In this case also, the payment in cash is made in the currency of the country where the delivery is being made. If delivery is made in Romania, payment on delivery will be made in RON. The consignment cannot be released by the couriers in case the receiver cannot make the payment and consequently will be held in the local warehouse for 15 days until the payment of the outstanding amount.

It is online payment, by card (debit or credit) regardless if you have or not a PayPal account. The payment by card is processed in this case by the PayPal secure card processor.
You don’t have to have a PayPal account for the payment of the subscriptions. PayPal is just the secure credit or debit card processor. Our company does not get involved in processing payments with cards, does not have access at your payment details and does not want to save these kinds of data. We are only informed if payment has been made successfully or not and we receive the money you sent us in our PayPal account.
After having clicked on the payment button and you have been transferred on the PayPal website, if you don’t have a PayPal account, search on the bottom of the first login page, on the right, the specification:
“Don’t have a PayPal account? Pay with your debit or credit card as a PayPal guest”.
When you click on the respective link you will be sent to the secured payment page by card, where you must write your complete details, name, address, details of the card etc. in order to make the payment.
After your payment has been processed you will receive a confirmation e-mail both from PayPal and from our company.

Please consider that we do not store personal or financial information in the payment process, nor do we share this information with 3rd Parties.

For cancelations please contact our Customer Support team, refunds are made in 3 working days.

It is the payment in cash at the bank counter in the UK EASTLINES LTD bank account, using the details supplied by our operators or payment by bank transfer for clients with contracts or in special cases like large amount transfers or services invoiced on term according to certain contracts.


EASTLINES LTD is established and has its main office in Great Britain and does not undergo Romanian legislation and the regulations imposed by it regarding the calculation of invoices in foreign currency and lei (RON). The GBP exchange rate is determined by the company each week and clearly posted on the website when launching an order to avoid any kind of subsequent misunderstandings.
The exchange rate of the GBP is higher than the one used by BNR and takes into consideration the recovery of the outstanding amount in GBP, considering the exchange rate at the sale of the GBP at the Romanian banks, the cost of the envelope transportation from the payer to the central depot (approx.. 11.00 RON), fees on the invoice account, cash withdrawal, the currency exchange and the repatriation fees for the amount through international bank transfer.

We also take into consideration the fact that we recover these amounts after more than one month and the British Pound is almost always in appreciation compared to the Romanian Leu. This is why the exchange rate decided by our company is in general with 4-5% higher than that of BNR exactly to cover all these cost and delays in recovering the amounts.